Bring amazement to any nightclub or casino interior or exterior design. Electric rainbows table tops, bar facade, counter tops, dance floors and wow-walls. We can make any of your design ideas... BADAZZ.

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CUSTOM Mixed-Medium Designs.

Granite, marble, stained glass, metal or stone combined with tinted or non-tinted Badazz Glass precisely waterjet to fit any space!

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Badazz Glass will soon be in POOLS!

Did you ever ask yourself...

"What would happen if I put holographic glass tile in my pool"...


No? Well, WE DID!


Badazz Glass as a pool tile will literally turn the water into rainbows. The light refracts and creates the prism effect and the water captures and holds the rainbows.

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TURN IT OFF...Think again.

Badazz Glass is electric in the light and the dark!

Perfect for Night Clubs, Hotels, Theme Parks, Resorts & Your House!

(Can be made any thickness for floor applications and walls)

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